We organise events and parties and are responsible for the shared acquisitions of the housing site. For example, we have supplemented our gym equipment by purchasing a biceps bar, dumbbell weights and a separate bench. For our common facilities on the 7th floor, we purchased bookshelves and started a bring-and-take book borrowing centre. We promote the common interests of all of the residents and bring the residents together by organising parties. Customary parties include the Christmas party and the spring yard work / barbecue party. Suggestions for new acquisitions and events and modification needs are very welcome. We are a nice and easygoing group of people! We meet approximately four times a year and all residents are welcome to attend our meetings. At the General Meeting in November, we will appoint a new tenant committee for the following year. If you are even slightly interested in social activities, it is absolutely worthwhile to stand for election. The tenant committee can by contacted by email at Some of the committee members also belong to the Facebook group of Sillanpää.


Our unofficial Common room is located on the 7th floor. Connected to the common room on the 7th floor, there are two saunas which can be reserved via the KOAS Booking App. The common room itself cannot be officially reserved for private use; however, the members of the Sillanpää Facebook group have sometimes booked these facilities unofficially for birthday parties, etc. The facilities can be used for such purposes paying attention to the neighbours by not causing any noise issues or similar. Facilities must be cleaned up afterwards leaving the rooms tidy for the next users and sauna bathers. Sauna time slots for women and men are available every day; for precise timetables, see the KOAS Booking App. A borrowable equipment cupboard is located on the 7th floor, opposite to the sauna No. 2. The cupboard can be opened with one’s own keys and all equipment can be borrowed, including a vacuum cleaner, inflatable mattress, board games, table tennis rackets and balls, etc. Remember to record all equipment borrowed in the notebook provided and return it in good condition afterwards. In case of damage, please inform us. This you can do, for example, by sending email to Sillanpää’s email address. The common room on the 7th floor now also includes a book centre. You can bring your own old books and place them on the two bookshelves to give away to a happy receiver and take in exchange or borrow a preferred book – whichever way you want!

Located in the backyard, near the parking area, there is a barbecue hut with an outdoor grill that is free for use to the residents. Please note that only charcoal can be used for the grill; wood may damage the bottom of the grill. The same rules apply in the barbecue hut as in the activity room. The gym is located next to the bike storeroom in stair A, the entrance is from Siltakatu street. Gym time slots are booked via the Koas Booking App. While making your booking, you will be given a PIN code that allows you to enter the gym at the time booked. A maximum of ten time slots a week can be booked; two persons at a time are allowed in the gym. The gym is small and the equipment is reduced; however, it includes the basic equipment for training powerlifting. Gym equipment: bench press, half-power rack, one powerlifting bar, one functioning biceps bar, dumbbell weights, adjustable separate bench, boxing punch bag, dumbbell discs and exercise bike. The same rules and regulations concerning the general order and quiet hours apply in the gym as generally in Sillanpää. The table tennis table is in the same bike storeroom as the gym, in stair A, and the entrance is from Siltakatu street. Reservations are made according to the “who is first” principle, rackets and balls can be borrowed from the borrowable equipment cupboard on the 7th floor. Near the gym entrance door, there is small area which is unofficially used as a recycling corner. You can bring there your own unnecessary items and clothes (in good condition!) to give away. From the same place, you can also take anything necessary or simply things that you like.

The laundry room is located in stair A; the easiest access is via the main entrance doors. There are two washing machines and tumble driers; both are booked via the KOAS Booking App. There is also a mangle in the laundry room. The drying room is beside the laundry room. There are three bike storerooms: one in stair B near the main doors, one at the building end towards Siltakatu street and one next to the back door of stair A. The waste shelter is located near the parking area. Please note that only waste for which there are appropriate recycle bins can be left in the waste shelter: large pieces of furniture, TVs and similar are not allowed. A separate fee will be charged for all loose items left on the floor regardless of their size, and these payments naturally also affect the residents’ rentals. Old furniture and electronic devices can be disposed of lawfully every spring during the yard work party. There will be containers for larger pieces of furniture and other items as well as a cart for electronic devices. At other times, furniture and other non-permitted items must be appropriately disposed of by taking them to recycling centres or to the Mustankorkea waste treatment facility.