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What does the tenant committee of Kotiraide and Ratapiha do?

One of the most visible of our activities is organising events and lending borrowable items. The list of borrowable items is in the activity room of Kotiraide and in a pinned post of our Facebook group. The members of the tenant committee are only human beings and we do this work completely voluntarily. This means that all activities related to lending items and taking care of them take place during our own time besides work and studies. There are periods, such as summer, Christmas/New Year and other longer school holidays, during which the members of the tenant committee may be out of Jyväskylä for longer times. During such times, it may be more difficult to borrow items. Otherwise, there should be no problems. Items can be borrowed by requesting them in the specific Facebook group (ostaa-lainaa-myy) a few days ahead or by email at ratapiha@astmk.koas.fi.


The tenant committee organises events for the residents of the housing site. In recent years, we have organised approximately three parties every year: one in spring and two in autumn. During one of the autumn parties, the General Meeting of Residents appoints the tenant committee for the following year. New members are always welcome!


The tenant committee strives to make the events as much as possible low-threshold events. There are always people to talk with and generally also something to eat. At larger parties, alcoholic party punch drinks are usually served, but no one is obliged to take alcoholic drinks and many times there are residents attending the parties who do not drink alcohol at all. Non-alcoholic drinks are also served. We have also organised completely non-alcoholic parties, such as game nights, pet parties, etc. All residents are warmly welcome to attend these house parties and game nights! It is for you, residents, that we organise these events!


We also want to encourage you to give us suggestions and ideas. And please attend the parties, since it is for you that we organise them! The members of the tenant committee are nice people and we don’t bite 😀 We try to be approachable and easy to talk with.

Common rooms

Our housing site has two common rooms, one in Ratapiha and one in Kotiraide. Both of these can be used by the residents for arranging parties or other events. The activity rooms can be reserved via the booking calendar in a pinned post of our Facebook group. (linkin voisi laittaa ehkä myös tähän)

The equipment in the common room of Kotiraide includes a pool table and a TV screen for watching movies. We also have a PlayStation 4 game console, which can be borrowed to use at home or in the activity room by a request addressed to the tenant committee. In Kotiraide, there are also several borrowable board and card games. In summer, a gas grill is available in the outdoor area of the Kotiraide activity room; the gas cylinder can be requested from the tenant committee. In the outdoor area, there is also a charcoal grill that can be used all year round.

A TV is also available in the Ratapiha commonroom. Both common rooms also have fridges for storing food and drinks. Kotiraide also offers other normal equipment for food preparation, such as a cooker and a microwave oven.

More information on borrowable items is available in the Facebook group and in the list of borrowable items in the activity room of Kotiraide or from the tenant committee.