The Palstatie housing sites 3 and 4 are conveniently located right beside the Kuokkala shopping centre and bus stations. These housing sites are well suitable for families with children while also including spacious shared apartments. The activity rooms offer a comfortable place for evening gatherings or studying and there are various board games for entertainment. In the activity room of building 4, there is also a pool table.


The tenant committee of Palstatie 3 and 4 organises events, lends items to the residents and strives to promote the comfort of the residents. The tenant committee is elected for a one year term and all of the residents of the two buildings can stand as committee candidates in the General Meeting of Residents. Borrowable items, such as an inflatable mattress, can be requested by contacting the tenant committee by email or via the Facebook group shared by the two housing sites.

The Facebook group ”KOAS Palstatie” can be found at and the email address is palstatie (a) The Facebook group provides information on events and other matters and serves as a discussion forum for the residents. Also remember to check the KOAS Booking site and use the App for everyday living matters while living at Koas!