Letkutie and its tenant’s council

Welcome to the page of KOAS best residential home in Jyväskylä. KOAS Letkutie consists of two buildings (A and B) the shared yard. At the ground level of building A you will the common room which is accessible to all tenants and Letkutie’s washing room. At he top level of the A building you will find both Sauna areas: Sauna 2 and 3 which are reservable via the KOAS app (link below). There are also free shifts for all tenants. The times of those are also visible on the KOAS app.

New to Letkutie? Don’t miss out what’s going on in your neighbourhood! Join us now on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/KOASletkut/

The Common Room

This activity room is free for everybody and not reservable. The room has cosy TV corner, a kitchen, toilet, multiple tables, darts and a table football. There is also a shelf for books to share and borrow. When using the common room please respect the rules (visible at the door), especially the open hours. For a respectful cooperation of all tenants we ask you not to exceed the usage time, especially in the evening, as loud noise is usually hearable in the flats above.

You will find a small storage room to the left inside the common room (the one with the glass door). It is only accessible to members of the tenant’s council but everything you can see in there is rentable. Just write us via Letkutie’s Facebook group (link below). 

You can also use the outside grill. There is wood for it in the left, outside shack. Please also bear the noise level and closing hours in mind here! If you use the grill, please also make sure to not leave any rubbish behind.

Wanna wash your clothes, reserve a parking lot or just relax at the Sauna alone? Book your shifts now at: https://www.koas.fi/en/tenants/koas-booking/

Tenant Council and Its Events

The tenant’s council is the representation of all residents and negotiates on their behalf with KOAS. Whether we organize a container to get rid of bulky waste or buy new gadgets which makes living at Letkutie even better. Every tenant is eligible to become part of the council, just keep a look out for our annual open meetings which we usually advertise inside the FB group or at the notice-boards.

Traditionally we also organize three major parties throughout the year: 1. The Spring Clean-Up Grilling, 2. The New Neighbour Night in the late summer and 3. The Christmas Party in December. Watch out for those, as you don’t wanna miss them!

For a continuous enjoyment of those perks, the tenant’s council needs you! As there must be a minimum of three members to guarantee the benefits, payed by KOAS. So please join us! (It is actually less work than it sounds like 😉)

Greetings, your tenant’s council