The tenant committee of Kuokkala organises game nights, parties and other events for the residents of Koppari and Ykköspesä. In addition, the tenant committee is responsible for lending equipment to the residents and acts as a trustee for the residents. Traditionally, the tenant committee organises every year three major events/parties taking place in spring and autumn and during the Christmas period.

At the parties, the tenant committee offers a lot of food ranging from snacks to more complete meals and drinks. Attendees can freely talk with each other while enjoying food and music and playing games. Participating in the events is a great opportunity to get to know one’s neighbours.

The tenant committee is happy to receive ideas and suggestions related to events, party programme or acquisitions. For example, new board games are purchased to the activity room every now and then. In addition, if you are interested in social activities in an easygoing group, you can stand as candidate for the tenant committee during the General Meeting of Residents in November.



In Koppari and Ykköspesä, there are barbecue huts, common rooms (stair B in Koppari and building B in Ykköspesä) and a gym (building A in Ykköspesä). Common room reservations are made via Koas Booking while the gym and barbecue hut are freely usable. The activity room in Ykköspesä includes a pool/table tennis table, kitchen, tables and sofas.
The equipment in the activity room of Koppari includes a PS4, projector, whiteboard, Hifi equipment, small kitchenette, tables and sofas.

The committee also lends equipment (e.g., board games, tools and floorball sticks). If you want to borrow equipment, contact a member of the tenant committee.



The residents are informed of events organised by the tenant committee and upcoming meetings on the bulletin boards of Koppari and Ykköspesä, in Facebook and, for important news, with a Booking message. In addition, the Drive file for residents contains a list of borrowable equipment and other useful information for the residents.


Email of the tenant committee: kuokkala@astmk.koas.fi

Facebook group of the tenant committee: www.facebook.com/groups/KOASkuokkala/