The tenant committee organises events and purchases various types of equipment for the residents to use in the common areas, as well as makes suggestions for improvement to Koas.

Every year, the tenant committee generally organises 3 to 4 major events in the barbecue hut/activity room. Game nights have been arranged in autumn, winter and spring, and barbecue parties have been organised once a month during summer. The committee offers food and drinks during the events. In addition, the committee has cooperated with the other tenant committees of the Kuokkala region in organising the spring event and the Kuokkalan Appro event.


Common room

In the common room, there is an Xbox One gaming PC including the following games:

Fifa 17, Kinect sports rivals, Forza Horizon 3 and Just dance 2017.

Board and party games:

Star of Africa, Kimble, Alias, Pictionary, Monopoly (in English), Tactic Tower, Poker, Malarky, Resistance, 5 in 1 (includes Draughts, Chess, Domino, Backgammon & Noughts and Crosses), Mölkky.

In addition, there is a table football game.

In the activity room, it is also possible to prepare food using the cooker, oven or microwave oven, and make coffee and tea. Tableware and cutlery are also available. Remember to switch off the power after cooking, clean the kitchen and wash up.

In the cupboard in the activity room, there are a steam cleaner and a hot air blower to help light up the charcoal grill. An inflatable mattress is also available to use as an extra bed for a visitor.

A mop and a bucket can be found in the toilet room beside the activity room.

If you borrow any items, remember to return them. Please inform the tenant committee if you notice that any of the shared items is damaged or if something is missing.

In the laundry rooms in building C, there is an ironing board and iron.


The tenant committee lends the following tools by a request made via the Facebook group or by email at

handsaw, hammer, hacksaw. The equipment also includes a ski lubrication stand.

Suggestions and queries can be sent to the committee by email at